Chairman Proma Sat Russia

Proma Sat is the right solution for any individual or company which is struggling to monitor its vehicle or fleet. It will help you to track, trace and monitor your fleet with the blink of an eye. We efficiently ensure the security and safety of our clients, fleet and its allies while defining the future of innovations and smart solutions from Russia to the rest of the world. By identifying the unique requirements of our valuable clients, We can help them in their fleet management needs by providing them with the necessary efficiency, asset management, and productive solutions.


This is an innovative world, always looking for unique ideas & tools to help create a trouble free life. With Proma Sat gadgets installed in your vehicle we ensure that you do not have to worry about your vehicle as we are taking good care of this. Our innovative & state-of-the-art solutions promise unsurpassed quality as our services guarantee top reliability. 

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